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Looking for a Licensed Local Electrician in Katy, TX

Peace of Mind Services in Katy, TX is here to provide you with an experience that is both simple and efficient. Here at Peace of Mind Services we offer knowledge in both residential and commercial properties so we have the experience to handle any job. No matter If the job is large or small, each instance will be met with the same amount of quality and efficiency that will be simple, easy and affordable.

We are a customer oriented business that puts the needs of the customer first while providing an impeccable product. Our laser sharp focus and attention to detail will leave you with the Peace of Mind that you long for with every company. Our knowledgeable Electricians in Katy are trained to not only resolve issues but keep you knowledgeable about preventative methods as well. Our precautionary measures consist of code inspections and repairs, domestic safety surveys and, home surge protection

Why Choose Us

Peace of Mind takes pride on supplying customers with precautionary advice about potential issues that could arise. Your safety is our first concern and we believe that the local people of Katy deserve to live in spaces that are without a threat to their health and safety.

Our team of trained professionals has years of experience and expertise in these areas which has helped us to build our reputable reputation. Whether you are doing home renovations or relocating an office space Peace of Mind is here to assist you.

Our local team of local electricians are all licensed and well versed in a variety of electrical services.

These services include: Installing and repairing electrical panels, breakers and fuses, switches, dimmers, AC and heat circuits, light fixtures, backup generators and more.

Our job at Peace of Mind is to grant you a peace of mind while executing a flawless job that both parties can be proud of. Our number one focus is customer satisfaction which is how we have built our local reputation. Besides our quality work ethic throughout the local area of Katy, we are known for our A+ Rating with the BBB. All of our professionals are; licensed by the state of Texas, fully bonded and insured, and  are reliable and accommodating to our customers.

Our Promise

We are committed to providing our local residents of Katy with reliable service while being that friendly company you can count on. Our ties to the community are one of the motivating factors behind our intense work ethic and dedication. Knowing we have granted you with the peace of mind you deserve while providing quality services is what gives us the ability to be proud of our company. Each job we do no matter the size is met with care and efficiency with the customer in mind. We are confident that we have mastered the formula to deliver a flawless experience to the people of Katy time and time again

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